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With your help, we’re committed to funding world-class research towards one uncompromising goal: Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

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Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer amongst women in Australia, with one in seven women and one in 500 men expected to be diagnosed within their lifetime. Its incidence is increasing – meaning far too many sisters, mothers, brothers, daughters, fathers, wives, sons and husbands will be impacted, far too often.

Our mission is to reduce this impact through research to improve treatment outcomes and stop breast cancer from taking the people we love.

If you share this vision, then please consider adding a gift to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in your Will. It’s a disease we cannot ignore, but together we can create a better tomorrow.

Your generosity will make a difference for generations to come.


NBCF-funded researchers and community ambassadors talk about what life would be like if there were Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

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Watch Heather’s story and see how a gift in your Will can save more Australian lives.

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How to add a gift in your Will

It is important to have a Will to ensure your estate is given to the people and causes you most care about. Making or updating your Will need not be expensive or complicated but you should seek legal advice and talk through how you wish your estate to be distributed. Reviewing your Will every few years is also important as circumstances change throughout your life such as marriage, sale of a property, birth of children or grandchildren and changes to family relationships.

Did you know that by adding 1% of your estate to charity your loved ones will still receive 99%?

Suggested Wording

“I bequeath to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, ABN 37 144 841 707, to promote and support breast cancer research,

  1. The residue of my estate or
  2. Percentage of my residuary estate (specified percentage) or
  3. The sum of (specified sum), or
  4. My (specified assets),

free of all duties and taxes including, if any CGT, and the receipt of the Secretary or other authorised officer for the time being shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the executor(s).”

Gifts in Wills - Quick Information

Legal Name: National Breast Cancer Foundation

ABN: 37 144 841 707

Registered Address: Level 7, 50 Margaret Street, Sydney NSW 2000



The remainder of an estate after specific gifts have been disbursed.


A percentage of either the residue or the entire estate.

Specific Asset

Real estate shares, bonds or other particular items of value.


A specific gift of cash.

Become a Research Guardian

Research Guardians are a dedicated group of supporters who have included a gift in their Will, united by their commitment to funding life-changing research for the benefit of future generations.

As a Research Guardian you are part of a forward thinking community that cares deeply and passionately about protecting future generations from the devastation of a breast cancer diagnosis.

If you have decided to add a gift in your Will to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), please let us know as we would like to personally thank you and welcome you as a Research Guardian. This is an honorary membership in recognition of your generosity and commitment and enables us to thank you in your lifetime.

As a member, you will be invited to lab tours and special events, hear interesting speakers, meet like-minded people, and learn about the latest findings in breast cancer research made possible because of the philanthropic support of people like you.

Adding the gift was a simple and seamless process. I encourage Australians who are passionate about making a difference to breast cancer to consider NBCF when making or updating their Will.
Kate, Research Guardian
My wife recently had breast cancer and benefited from the generosity of those whose previous Gifts in Wills enabled her to receive an early diagnosis and the best treatment. I have two daughters so adding a gift in my Will to NBCF and becoming a Research Guardian, highlights how important breast cancer research is to me.
Max, Research Guardian
research guardian

Contact Us

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for confidential information or advice. Simply phone Diana Morison, Gifts in Wills Manager on 02 8098 4848 or email

Alternatively, press the button for your downloadable information pack


Online Will Services

If you are preparing your own Will, the National Breast Cancer Foundation is a member of these online Will services

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