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Corporate Partners


To celebrate the 15th year anniversary of their pink campaign, which to date has helped raise over $15 million for breast cancer charities globally, ghd have partnered with Chicago-based tattoo artist, David Allen. For almost ten years now, David has made his mission to help women reclaim their femininity after breast cancer by concealing their mastectomy scars with beautiful floral design. With your support, ghd’s goal is to raise a further $1 million this year with the latest “Ink on Pink” collection.

$20 from every sale from the ink on pink collection goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

ghd chose Grace Lombardo, a real-life hero, to raise awareness to their collection with David Allen. Grace, mother of 3, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2016, at the very young age of 35. She went through a double mastectomy and reconstruction, and in 2017, she trusted David Allen to conceal her scars and enable her to take back some of the control that cancer took away from her. Grace is sharing her story in the name of so many other women who have been through the traumatic experience of breast cancer.

“Cancer takes away more than your breasts. It takes your hair, your confidence. But my tattoo is something I decided to have, because I wanted to take back control.” – Grace

Check out the most meaningful ghd pink collection yet: