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More than 20,000 Australians will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

1 in 7 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

That’s someone’s mum, sister, daughter, friend or loved one.

Our passionate group of NBCF Ambassadors have been directly or indirectly affected by breast cancer and want to use their voices to raise awareness of the importance of breast cancer research. Read more about our ambassadors below.


NBCF Ambassador and renowned fashion designer Camilla Franks has made a passionate commitment to increase awareness and fundraising for breast cancer research. Camilla became involved with NBCF after she was directly impacted by breast cancer. In 2018, she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer only a few months after giving birth to her beautiful daughter, Luna, for which she underwent successful chemotherapy.

Through her tenacious appearance on Celebrity Apprentice, sales of her Rebirth Collection (which she personally matched) and through charity donation platform i=change, Camilla has raised vital awareness and an incredible $100,000 through her partnership with NBCF.

Rebecca Caratti

Rebecca is the Editor of Vogue Living. She lost her mother to breast cancer so is committed to doing her part in raising awareness to the cause and the importance of research.

“I am so proud to partner with NBCF to help raise awareness of the incredible life-changing work their research team do to help prevent, detect, monitor and treat breast cancer to ultimately save lives. I lost my Mum to this disease nine years ago so it’s a cause that is so important to me.” Rebecca Caratti, NBCF Ambassador

Maddie Garrick

Maddie is an Australian professional basketball player in the Women’s National Basketball League. Maddie became an NBCF Ambassador to help raise awareness for research as her mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. 55 Australians are diagnosed with breast cancer each day in Australia and Maddie is helping us raise awareness for research to help make Zero Deaths from breast cancer a reality.

“I’m so delighted to be an NBCF Ambassador to help raise awareness around breast cancer and promote the amazing research that continues to save lives for those like Mum who has successfully fought two different types of breast cancers in her life.” Maddie Garrick, NBCF ambassador

Sally Obermeder

TV personality, author and co-founder of SWIISH WELLNESS + SWIISH BY SALLYO Sally Obermeder is one of NBCF’s longest running ambassadors. Sally was 40 weeks pregnant with her first child when she was diagnosed with triple negative Stage 3 breast cancer in 2011. Following intensive treatment, she was declared cancer-free in October 2012. Sally openly speaks about her breast cancer journey to raise awareness for the cause.

Suzie Stevens

Suzie is a curve model, actress and fashion influencer. Breast cancer became a cause close to Suzie’s heart after her aunt was diagnosed. She hopes to use her platform to inform her followers of the alarming statistics of breast cancer in Australia and spread the word about how research is changing the stats.

“I am so grateful that my beloved aunt survived her breast cancer diagnosis, but I know of so many who weren’t as lucky as her. That is why I am so proud to partner with the NBCF so I can help with their mission to reach Zero Deaths by breast cancer by 2030.” Suzie Stevens, NBCF ambassador 

Jo Hall

Jo is widely recognised across Australia for her work as a TV presenter on Nine News. She has previously supported BreastScreen Victoria and has taken part in various fundraising events, such as Mother’s Day Classic for NBCF.