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Circle of 10

The Circle of 10 is a National Breast Cancer Foundation initiative which launched in May, 2015.

The group aims to join together likeminded, influential women who are passionate about philanthropy and have a particular interest in breast cancer research.

These women are determined to make an impact through breast cancer research and our hope is to grow the Circle of 10 nationally with the goal of making the same impact.

Last year we successfully launched the Brisbane Circle of 10, once again bringing together a group of women committed to our mission of zero deaths by 2030.


Our Goal:

The Circle of 10 embodies the words of renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead,  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

This is what our Circle of 10 members strive for through their generous contribution towards research they are able to patron a world class researcher for two years with the potential to change the world for those impacted by breast cancer.

Those who join the Circle of 10 are able to attend exclusive member events including private laboratory tours, with updates and insights from the extraordinary researchers & their teams.


Co- founder Sanchia Brahimi says;

“To be a member, you become part of the fabric and family of NBCF. You are in a position to hear about the latest research and information as part of National Breast Cancer Foundation. As we know breast cancer does not discriminate, and sadly we all know someone who is battling the disease or has done so in the past. However it will feel empowering to know that by joining the Circle of 10, you will be working to protect future generations of women, who may well be our daughters, and that one day there will be a world without breast cancer.”


For more information about joining The Circle of 10, please contact:

Charney Rooza

02 8098 4863