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Circle of 10

Members of the Sydney Circle (*Indicates Founding Member):
Ellie Aitken*, Angelique Andrews *, Alina Barlow*, Marly Boyd*, Sanchia Brahimi*, Kirsten Carioll*, Deeta Colvin*, Fell Family Foundation, Jaclyn Gazal*, Eliza Grant, Sarah Ingham*, Kelly Landry*, Skye Leckie*, Larissa Malouf*, Lucy May*, Blainey North*, Sam Owen*, Sally Ryan*, Sam White.

The Circle of 10 brings together a group of young, influential women who are passionate about philanthropy and have a particular interest in breast cancer research.

The Circle of 10 are committed to advancing NBCF’s mission of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030 and addressing the unique issues faced by young women with the disease.

“I support this initiative for very personal reasons and congratulate everyone for participating in this much needed area of Research. After the first Circle of 10 participants, I hope we have lots more Circle of 10 patrons join, until we find a way for ensuring young women will never have to fear this insidious disease in the future” Erica Packer

Our Goal:

Through the patronage of world class research, The Circle of 10 aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment for young women with breast cancer.

The research will focus on:

  • Better methods for detecting breast cancer: mammograms are not effective on younger, more dense breast tissue
  • More effective treatments: breast cancer in young women is typically more aggressive
  • More treatment options: some treatments have a devastating impact on a young woman’s fertility
  • Emotional and psychological support programs: to help young women deal with the affects of breast cancer on their bodies
  • Practical support programs: to help young women manage their career, finances and families after a breast cancer diagnosis.

The first Circle of 10 was launched at a lunch hosted by Guillaume and Sanchia Brahimi on the 28th May 2015.


Guests heard from Dr Kara Britt an NBCF funded researcher from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne. Kara Dr Britt’s research focuses on trying to determine why bearing children can decrease your breast cancer risk.

“For someone that has been struck twice by the cancer stick, it feels empowering to be part of future research and funding that will find a cure for the insidious disease that strikes so many. I feel charged and ready to be part of a group of women who feel so compelled to bring about positivity to many of the aspects that come along with the diagnosis of breast cancer, hopefully leading to cures for all cancers. There is so much to be done! Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of this change.” Lucy May (Founding Member of The Circle of 10)

For more information about joining The Circle of 10, please contact:

Charney Rooza

02 8098 4863