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1994 – The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is founded and both David Jones and Estee Lauder Companies join as Corporate Partners.

1997 – Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is launched.

1997 – NBCF funds the establishment of KConFab, a national and international resource to study familial breast cancer.

1998 – Women In Super establishes the Mother’s Day Classic, now the major fundraising event for breast cancer research in Australia.

2000 – The Global Illumination campaign is launched with Estée Lauder Companies and iconic sites around Australia glow pink.

2001 – Sarah Murdoch becomes Patron.

2002 – Pink Ribbon magazine, Australia’s first ever women’s magazine focused on breast cancer, hits newsstands.

2002 – NBCF establishes itself as the leading charity in cause-related marketing.

2003 – NBCF launches its Pink Ribbon Breakfast campaign which has since raised over $20 million.

2004 – NBCF releases Australia’s first-ever National Action Plan for breast cancer research.

2005 – NBCF introduces seed funding for researchers to think outside the square with the unique Novel Concept Awards

2005 – NBCF establishes its Speakers Bureau.

2006 – NBCF funds the establishment of the first Australian Breast Cancer Tissue Bank, another national and international resource.

2006 – NBCF-funded research finds sentinel node biopsy can save women from invasive surgery.

2008 – NBCF introduces Collaborative Grants at $5 million to drive national and international research partnerships.

2010 – NBCF launches Register4, Australia’s first online resource where the community can participate in and fast-track research.

2012 – NBCF introduces Translational Grants and Practitioner Fellowships, funding to accelerate translation of research into clinical practice.

2013 – NBCF-funded research reveals that tamoxifen can reduce the risk of recurrence in high risk women.

2013 – NBCF publicly releases a world first, an independent evaluation of the impact of its program of breast cancer research, conducted by Brunel University.

2016 – 5-year survival rate reaches all-time high of 90%

2017 – Breast cancer becomes the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australian women.

2017 – NBCF awards the largest ever grant for medical research to breast cancer research into more effective treatment for metastatic breast cancer

2030– Zero deaths from breast cancer.