Working at NBCF

Who else is better placed to describe working at the National Breast Cancer Foundation than our amazing employees? We asked them to describe in 5 words what working at the National Breast Cancer Foundation was like and they came up with…hardworking, fun, inspiring, dedicated, goal focused, opportunity, hope, optimism, pink, passion, compassion, dedication, success, driven, energetic, purposeful, positive, busy, hectic, rewarding, fulfilling, worthwhile.

So we took their descriptions and expanded them to come up with the following 10 great reasons to join the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


Joining NBCF

Thinking of joining the National Breast Cancer Foundation? Think you’ll fit with our purpose and be able to contribute to our goal of zero deaths by 2030? Great!

10 Reasons to Work at NBCF

There are many reasons to work at NBCF. Find out more from our staff about what motivates them to work here.

Current Roles

The National Breast Cancer Foundation is the nation’s leading charity raising and granting funds for research into breast cancer to improve the health and wellbeing of those affected by breast cancer.