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Casandra, QLD – The Pink Ribbon Poem


After I had surgery and while I was receiving chemotherapy for an aggressive breast cancer tumour, I wrote a poem mainly to promote the local sales of the National Breast Cancer Foundation Pink Ribbon merchandise.

I wanted it to be a gentle reminder to our local community that breast cancer can happen to anyone.

Initially, I just left the poem on the counters where the Pink Ribbon merchandise was sold. Then when I signed up to the Steps Towards a Cure: Great Wall of China trek, I decided to put the poem on bookmarks to help me raise some money to reach my fundraising goal for NBCF.

I hand made and sold over 100 bookmarks at $4 each. This $400 that I raised really helped with my fundraising.

I found that most who bought the bookmarks had lost someone or knew someone who was fighting breast cancer and they appreciated the firsthand account of what their loved ones had to go through.