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July 19, 2021

Game On Breast Cancer

Play, Stream or Watch your favourite video games to raise funds for game-changing breast cancer research. 

The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) invites the community to say Game On Breast Cancer this August and September. Whether it’s on PCs, gaming consoles or mobile phones, NBCF is calling on all gamers to come together to play, stream or watch video games in support of the Australian women and men impacted by breast cancer.  

Since NBCF’s inception in 1994, the 5-year survival rate for breast cancer has increased from 76% to 91% (and rising). But breast cancer is still the most diagnosed cancer in Australia with an estimate of more than 20,000 Australians diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021. That’s 55 Australians diagnosed with breast cancer each day.  

Nine out of 10 Australian homes have a device that has been used for gaming and two-thirds of all Australians play games. With females representing 47% of gamers and the average age of a gamer being 34 years old, gaming represents a new way for NBCF’s fundraising community to raise funds for critical breast cancer research.

The Game On Breast Cancer campaign invites gamers to participate in one of three ways and raise funds for Breast Cancer research.  

  1. To play their favourite games, whether on their own or teaming up with friends and family. 
  1. For those that like to stream on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, NBCF has created special campaign graphics to help streamers talk to their audiences about the Game On Breast Cancer campaign and NBCF.  
  1. Finally, for those that don’t play games themselves, there is the option to watch, which could include watching family and friends play, or watching your favourite streamers, tabletop gamers, trading card gamers and other gaming communities. 

Twitch streamer xSnel is going to stream for the GOBC campaign. He’s part of the Pokemon Trading Card community and has previously raised over $2200 for NBCF by opening limited edition Pokemon packs and auctioning off the most collectible cards to his highest donors. 

“My nan was diagnosed with breast cancer this year, so it means the world to me that a community as small as ours was able to achieve such a huge goal,” said xSnel.

NBCF have set up a dedicated Discord channel, a communication platform popular with gamers that has grown massively during the current pandemic. The GOBC Discord channel will allow NBCF’s gaming community to come together to share tips and tricks on fundraising, to team up and to solve any technical issues. 

The campaign will launch with a recruitment drive on July 19, with gamers being asked to Play, Stream and Watch from August 1 with a final week of gaming activity planned for September 6 – 12. During that week, NBCF will host streams on their own Twitch channel highlighting the activities and efforts of everyday gamers who are taking part in Game On Breast Cancer. By playing, streaming or watching games and raising funds, participants can support innovative Australian research that can change the future for women and men impacted by breast cancer.   

NBCF is introducing five digital avatars created especially for the campaign – their Zero Hero Elite. Each represents a different strength of the NBCF community:  

  • Research Revenger – her strength is her focus on creating the next breakthrough in cancer research.
  • Countdown Crusader – his strength is his determination to raise funds for research.
  • Pink Paladin – whose strong social network is important for starting conversations about breast cancer.
  • Ribbon Raiser – his strength is his enthusiasm and willingness to try anything with the support of his network.
  • Herald – her strength is her story and her personal connection to breast cancer that inspires others.

NCBF’s CEO, Professor Sarah Hosking said that “Game On Breast Cancer is a great new way for people to have fun while raising much-needed funds for breast cancer research. Playing and watching video games is enjoyed by a huge number of Australians and by taking part in Game On Breast Cancer they can help support game-changing breast cancer research. By powering up to become one of NBCF’s Zero Hero Elite they’ll be helping us take one step closer to our mission of Zero Deaths from breast cancer by 2030.” 

Game On Breast Cancer. Register to play, stream, watch and raise funds for research today!  

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