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December 3, 2014

Introducing the men behind Real Men Wear Pink: Are you man enough to take up the challenge?

You may have noticed that we’re trying something a little different at the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We’re asking blokes to “pink up” to raise money for breast cancer research. And we’re asking the ladies to challenge their blokes to “pink up” to raise money for breast cancer research.

We thought we’d introduce you to some of the faces behind the campaign …

trendyMr Trendy – Adrian Chircop
Breast cancer has been a big part of Adrian and his wife’s life and will be a big part of their future together. In 2004 Adrian’s mother-in-law Teresa was diagnosed with breast cancer and in 2008 Adrian’s wife Joyce learned that she was BRCA-1 positive, meaning that she has an increased risk of developing breast cancer. Adrian is “pinking up” and wearing pink to support his wife, her mother (who is 10 years in remission) and all the important women in his life.

businessMr Business – Iggy Pintado
Iggy has witnessed fist-hand the emotional journey of preventative surgery. His best friend Annalisa has endured breast disease from the young age of 14 and after years living in and out of hospitals she decided to undergo a preventative double mastectomy. Unlike most women who have a mastectomy Annalisa was unable to have a reconstruction because of the nature of the tumors in her breast tissue. Iggy has supported Annalisa through her journey. He is “pinking up” and wearing pink to the offie to show his support for her.

fitnessMr Fitness – Darren Galia
Darren’s life was turned upside down when his mother Jessica was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. Unfortunately although the cancer was detected early it was a symptom of an underlying more sinister health issue. Sadly his mother passed away three months after being diagnosed with advanced cancer. Darren is “pinking up” and wearing pink in memory of his mother and to support his two sisters.

matureMr Mature – Bob Lees
During the first year of Bob’s retirement, his wife, Janice, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Retirement plans and dreams – hatched together during hectic decades of career
and raising family – were abandoned. Forced to refocus they went into this challenge together, like they always do. Fourteen years later many of those retirement dreams have been realised with heightened appreciation. These days Bob is “pinking up” for any occasion – matinee movies, symphony at nights, dinner with friends – and anywhere with a decent seniors discount.

tradieMr Tradie – Ben Hayes
Ben has been enveloped in the world of research and breast cancer for over a decade. His wife Libby is the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s longest employee. She has been raising funds for research for 14 years and continues to work for the Foundation. Ben is “pinking up” and wearing his pink Bisley Workwear shirt to support his wife and the 1 in 8 Australian women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Ben is encouraging all tradies to do the same.