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April 27, 2015

Life is like a Math Problem by Micaela Bunt

Life is like a math problem. Some people give up too easy, don’t run the extra mile and don’t put in a little more effort. There are those who run the extra mile, are always trying to out-do their last success, who may not succeed at first so they try again. And there are those who already have the answer to the problem so they stop trying, not giving up but they’re not pushing themselves harder. For those who don’t succeed at first, they just remind themselves that every day is a blank page ready to be written. Another chance at success. The sun will keep rising, and there will always be light. If you make a mistake, keep trying to correct it, again and again.

I believe cancer patients and those affected by cancer are the group that keep trying. They don’t give themselves a chance to be negative, to give up because they are too busy trying to succeed. Their goal is to beat the problem they face, answer the question and solve life’s riddles and mysteries.

My mum is an amazing, strong, beautiful, confident, and very brave woman. She is very supportive of my two sisters and I and she does so much for us. My Dad is an awesome, caring and supportive man and loves mum, my sisters and I a lot. When we found out mum had Breast Cancer it was like we had all fallen off a cliff without a parachute. Especially after just two weeks earlier, my second sister was born.

Just two weeks after mum’s diagnoses we were getting out of the car outside a big brick building. ‘The Toowoomba Cancer Centre’. As we walked in, it was definitely not what I expected. It was a friendly looking waiting room with three lovely receptionists sitting at a desk. Through two big white doors, the room was pure white. There was no crumbs left over from the tea lady on the floor. Mum was ushered over to a dark turquoise blue recliner where they hooked the chemotherapy machine into her left wrist vein. As they explained what chemo drugs were and when she would have them to her and dad, I had to look after my three-week old baby sister.

After 5 months of chemotherapy, mum had surgery and then started radiation. The schedule for radiation was 5 weeks of radiation every day, except the weekends.

I believe staying positive is the best thing I did. Yes, I did have my bad days but I got back up and didn’t lose hope. I have two amazing best friends, Sophie Tilbury and Tia Howson, who have been there for me if I needed to talk and were always there to make me laugh and to make my day positive. I think that is one of the reasons I could stay so positive.

I also have an amazing teacher, Miss Kristy Jones, who has always been there if I needed to talk and is always smiling and laughing. Miss Jones is one among many teachers who has been very supportive.

Now yearly, I do fundraising for the NBCF (National Breast Cancer Fundraising) as this is a charity close to my heart. Last year, with the help of my school, I raised an incredible $931 for the NBCF. Phoebe Cullen, Fundraising Relationship Executive at the National Breast Cancer Foundation, was there to help me along the way. This year, I hope to do more fundraising to help men and women all over Australia to get the help and support they need.