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July 17, 2018



Today, the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) announced television personality, Jake Ellis, as an official NBCF ambassador to kick off its 25th anniversary celebrations.

Losing his mother to breast cancer earlier this year after a long experience enduring 23 years, Jake is honoured to support NBCF and help achieve its goal of zero breast cancer deaths by 2030. Since his Mum’s diagnosis in 1995, the information and treatment options available have progressed immensely, with NBCF’s research helping to improve survival rates.

Newest NBCF ambassador Jake Ellis stated, “Breast cancer is a disease that is very close to my heart due to my mum’s illness. Her breast cancer experience deeply affected me and my family, as I was only six when Mum was diagnosed. Everyone has a story to share, which is why I’m so passionate about bringing awareness to the life-changing work of the NBCF in memory of my mum.”

Since 1994, NBCF has raised $162 million towards 514 life-changing research projects in Australia, funded entirely by the Australian public. This research has helped to develop better therapies, greater understanding of possible ways to stop the spread of breast cancer to other areas, and improved quality of life for patients and their families.

Newest ambassador Jake joins an impressive 2 million fundraisers and 1361 researchers working with NBCF over the past 25 years. At the heart of NBCF’s mission is the goal to stop deaths from breast cancer and make a better tomorrow for those affected. Since NBCF’s inception, the five year survival rate for breast cancer has improved from 76% to 90%.[i] A lot of this progress is largely thanks to research.

“I’m proud to be supporting NBCF alongside an incredible group of people, who like myself, want to continue to raise awareness and generate funds towards research to work towards getting to zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030. With the help of the Australian public, we can achieve this goal and stop breast cancer deaths for good,” added Jake.

Professor Sarah Hosking, CEO of NBCF stated, “We are thrilled to welcome Jake at such an important moment in NBCF’s timeline. Together, with our community, we have accomplished so many goals over our 25 year history. We are incredibly grateful for all the research, supporters, speakers, ambassadors, fundraisers and many more that have helped us along the way.”

“While we’ve conquered remarkable milestones, it’s important to remember breast cancer continues to be the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia, taking the lives of eight women a day. [ii] We believe research is the most effective way to detect, manage and treat breast cancer to meet our goal of zero deaths.”

To mark its 25 year anniversary and set the vision for the next chapter of its mission, NBCF is committed to funding innovative research focused on developing targeted and personalised treatments; better detection and screening methods and new approaches to improve the quality of life for those affected by breast cancer. As NBCF is 100% community funded, the Australian community’s support is paramount to meeting its goal of zero deaths by 2030.