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Pinking Up For Breast Cancer Research


Louis got involved with Real Men Wear Pink after his wife Samantha was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 42.

“The first few weeks after Samantha’s diagnosis were a real whirlwind of emotion for our small family and there was also so much information to absorb,” said Mr Proctor.

“We had to sit down with our nine year-old son and break the news to him. Naturally, the first question that he asked was if his Mum going to die. Because of the research that’s been conducted we could confidently say no. By getting pinked and making a stand, we are showing other men that they’re not alone and supporting the women we love.”

As a way to stand out, Louis dyed his hair pink and fundraised for breast cancer research. He also got his customers and local coffee shop involved. Real Men Wear Pink aims to encourage the men of Australia to ‘Get Pinked’ and raise funds for life-changing breast cancer research. In 2017, Real Men Wear Pink will focus on the prevention of breast cancer.

This year, Real Men Wear Pink aims to raise $1.5 million. This could fund research that harnesses the powerful data from genetic testing so that all women and men with a high risk of inheriting breast cancer have information and choices that could prevent them being affected by breast cancer.