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April 27, 2015

Project Pink raises $63,560.32 for National Breast Cancer Foundation

Delta Goodrem surprised the audience at Project Pink – a fundraiser for NBCF when she turned up to perform alongside Project Dance Australia. She dedicated the song to cancer survivor, and guest of honour, Belinda Agostino.

Belinda is the reason Project Pink came about – as one of the dance teachers, the whole community got behind her and wanted to do everything they could when was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent treatment. Members got together and decided to organise Project Pink to showcase some of the best performances to honour Belinda and raise money to donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


Delta made the fundraiser event a memorable night for everyone, but especially Belinda who said, ‘Delta performing at Project Pink just made the night so magical! I was so overwhelmed when she dedicated her song ‘Born to Try‘ to me. To add to the magic were 60 gorgeous Project Dance girls dancing their little hearts out. Her angelic voice, her captivating presence, her sensitivity to the cause and her generosity with her time, I will never forget!’

The night ended up raising an amazing amount for breast cancer research and we really really appreciate it.