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July 31, 2012

Shave for Breast Cancer Research

Motivated by her mother’s battle with breast cancer MacKay resident and student paramedic Ulrika Svilans resolved to get involved and help the fight against breast cancer.

ulrika_svilans_300x300Ulrika’s mother has been a long time supporter of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and has conducted numerous fundraising events including pink ribbon breakfasts and lunches. While contemplating how she could raise funds for breast cancer research Ulrika came with a drastic idea – shave off her long blonde hair!

Help and support was recruited from all areas of the community including friends, family and not to mention her colleagues from the emergency services. The event was an incredible success – she raised over $12,000 for breast cancer research!

According to Ulrika the highlight of the event was “holding my long blonde pony tail, looking at my mum, a breast cancer survivor in tears and overwhelmed by the gesture”.

Ulrika believes everyone can contribute and help: “Challenge yourself regularly and see what can be achieved”. We could not agree more! Congratulations Ulrika and a very warm thank you from all at the National Breast Cancer Foundation.