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August 31, 2012

Yingxi Wu Regular giver to NBCF

yingxi_181x250My name is Yingxi Wu, 23 years old. I came to Australia when I was 19 to pursue my dream of being an interpreter. Last year I graduated from uni and passed the NAATI professional interpreting test. The dream since I was 7 finally came true. But, the one person who I want to show this great result to the most is no longer here. That person is my grandma who died of breast cancer in 1998 – 14 years ago.

At that time, it was a whole new experience to every single one of my family. No one had ever known anyone with cancer! I remember the first time she said she felt hurt in the chest, the time I went to chemotherapy with her, the time when she had her left breast removed and the time when she was lying in bed calling me with a very weak voice…that was the last time she ever spoke. The whole experience was painful but also inspiring and led me to where I am today.


When did you first become an NBCF supporter and what was your first experience with us?

I became an NBCF supporter last month by signing up on my way to work. I’m always aware of this organisation. This year I became financially independent and I can finally do something about fighting breast cancer. When I signed up, I was given a pink ribbon. I know that I am part of it now and it will be a start of something meaningful.


Our money goes to Research. Is this important to you?

It’s for everyone’s best interest that the donated money goes to research. I still remember my grandma’s last days. I went to see her in hospital. She asked me if I wanted to become a doctor in the future and find the cure to cancer. I looked down and shook my head because at that time I had already set my heart on becoming an interpreter. Now there is a way I can contribute to find the cure to breast cancer. I couldn’t be happier. It is certainly very important to me and to all.


Why do you support the National Breast Cancer Foundation?

I chose NBCF because it raises money for the research. For that, I see hope, I see that there are hardworking people giving their best efforts to find a solution, which in the end will benefit the whole world’s population. I believe if my grandma was still alive, she would like to see no-one suffer from breast cancer.