Our Partner: Buy 2 Give

Buy 2 Give provides Personal Protective Equipment ‘PPE’ and Corporate Wear with the specific objective to generate funding for the NFP sector.

Buy 2 Give is a commercial business established in 2015 by members of management, sales, finance and legal professions.

The purpose of Buy 2 Give’s partnership with NBCF is to build a profitable enterprise which focuses on its primary greater good objective of generating funding for the NBCF. This is accomplished by providing premium PPE and Corporate Wear which are manufactured both to meet general market demand and to fulfill specifically identified customer needs. A particular feature of the Buy 2 Give offering is the consolidation of products and the simplification of supply chain.

Buy 2 Give will assist corporate clients in sourcing the right products for their needs without spending more, whilst at the same time supporting a vital organisation and meeting Corporate CSR objectives.


Buy 2 Give

NBCF is a premium range of performance gloves, safety eyewear, disposable and hi-vis vests, hearing ...

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