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Cullen Jewellery’s For Pink Collection

In support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), we present our For Pink Collection. Every piece embodies both elegance and a collective vision: Zero Deaths from breast cancer. Wear pink with purpose.

Sophie — Round and Marquise Accent Pink Sapphires Ring (RRP: Starting at $1660)

Sophie is not just a ring; she’s a statement of resilience and grace. With a harmonious blend of 2.5mm round and 4x2mm pink lab grown sapphires, she radiates a gentle yet powerful sparkle. Her intricate pattern mirrors the interconnectedness we all share in our collective journey.

Alicia — Round Pink Sapphire Pendant (RRP: Starting at $590)

A symbol of hope and elegance, Alicia encapsulates the spirit of unity with her shimmering pink lab grown sapphire. Set with 4 eagle-tipped claws, you have the freedom to choose the stone size that resonates most with your story.

Tara — Pear Pink Sapphire Charms (RRP: $350)

Embrace a subtle touch of elegance with Tara. These pear pink lab grown sapphire charms capture the essence of delicate strength, offering just the right shimmer to illuminate any look. They are designed to effortlessly slide onto our hoop earrings