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Dr Sarah-Jane Dawson is making a life-changing difference

April 11th, 2017

NBCF funds Dr Sarah-Jane Dawson, a senior researcher at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, where she also sees breast cancer patients regularly in her role as a medical oncologist.

breast cancer research
Dr Sarah-Jane Dawson is funded by the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Why are you passionate about research?

I believe research is the most powerful way to make a difference for women with breast cancer. I am driven by curiosity and discovery in the lab, and I see women affected by breast cancer daily so I’m passionate about improving outcomes for every one of them.

What is your greatest achievement in research to date?

I’m working towards the development of a blood test or ‘liquid biopsy’ that will allow doctors to follow the progress of women diagnosed with breast cancer without having to take tissue samples. I’m excited to say that these tests are now starting to be implemented in the clinic. It has been such a great achievement to see this research come out of the lab and help with breast cancer care.

What is your next big challenge?

I want to see the impact of my research reach as many women with breast cancer as possible.  The challenge is to work towards making these blood tests more widely available for women as part of routine breast cancer care.

How will future funding help your research?

There will always be more work to be done towards better health, but we are making progress all the time. New screening strategies, new monitoring techniques and new treatments are all in development and are set to make a big impact in the near future. Any funding in the future will help to realise the full potential of research so it can benefit all women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Do you have a message for our supporters?

Thank you. Without your support many important discoveries would not be made and this ongoing research is critical to improving the lives of women with breast cancer.