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Community Ambassador Program

The National Breast Cancer Foundation’s Community Ambassador Program is a network of passionate and inspiring advocates who have been directly or indirectly affected by breast cancer.

What is involved?

Your role as a Community Ambassador is to:

  • Speak at NBCF fundraising events and awareness raising activities
  • Share key messages and campaigns through their online and offline networks
  • Participate in media interviews (radio, tv, print and online) as required
  • Introduce the NBCF team to decision makers in local companies and community organisations to help raise awareness and funds to support on-going breast cancer research.

Your Impact


Sharing your personal experience is a powerful way to move, educate and inspire others. By becoming a Community Ambassador, you will:

  • Help the community understand and recognise the role of research in stopping deaths from breast cancer
  • Highlight that breast cancer is something that can affect all Australians, including young women and men
  • Encourage donations to help NBCF work towards our goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030

Want to get involved?

If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved in, complete your details using the form below. Please note as we are an Australian based organisation, we are only able to accommodate Australian residents as part of this program.


Together, these women are helping us change the future of breast cancer. Their stories show how research is the only way to stop this disease.

Coming from a family who has a history of breast cancer. I want to help raise awareness around prevention, vigilance, early detection and the importance of funding on-going medical research.
Kate, diagnosed 2007
I believe research saved me. It is the reason I am here. I want others to know that together we can change the stats and potentially make deaths from breast cancer a thing of the past.
Vivienne, diagnosed 2018
I want my experience to benefit others. 8 women still die every day from breast cancer. It’s heart breaking. I joined the program because I know research is the only way to change this.
Sarah, diagnosed 2002

Interested in becoming a Community Ambassador?