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What if you had the answers to questions about cancer? That’s exactly what the ground-breaking initiative of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, called Register4, aims to do.

Initially focusing on breast cancer research, Register4 has now launched to all cancers to make a real difference to everyone affected by the disease.

Register4 is an exciting on-line community that brings women and men together with cancer researchers for the joint purpose of fast-tracking cancer research. We help researchers spend less time and money recruiting volunteers so they can spend more time conducting their research.

It’s free to join, strictly confidential and anyone aged 18 years or over with or without cancer can take part. Participants are invited to register on-line at www.register4.org.au where you will be asked to provide some basic information.

The types of projects can vary from filling out a questionnaire to something more involved such as providing a hair sample. It is always your choice to participate in research projects.

Researchers often speak of how long it can take to find the right people to participate in their work. Recruiting can sometimes take 2 years to fill a project. Register4 is able to fast-track the recruitment process to just 2 days.

Please join Register4 www.register4.org.au, you could hold the key to a cancer breakthrough.