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March 5, 2020

Honouring outstanding contribution: The inaugural Elaine Henry NBCF Fellowship Award

This week, NBCF Chair Elaine Henry OAM stepped down after nine years on the board. Elaine has been an integral member of NBCF since our founding years, playing a role firstly in our early years as a trustee and more recently as a board member and Chair. Elaine has always been an advocate of funding world-class breast cancer researchers here in Australia, so we felt there was no better way to honour her outstanding contribution and legacy, than to award a fellowship to a bright young researcher, in her name.

The Fellowship will be awarded on International Women’s Day each year in celebration of Elaine’s achievement, and the awardee is selected from amongst the NBCF Fellowships awarded each year as part of our Investigator Initiated Grants Scheme. The Elaine Henry NBCF Fellowship is awarded to the Fellow who, along with their funded work, demonstrates the greatest potential for impact in breast cancer research and as a future leader. The award includes up to $20,000 to support additional research activities.

The recipient of the inaugural Elaine Henry NBCF Fellowship award for 2020 is Dr. David Croucher.

NBCF-funded researcher Dr David Croucher and Elaine Henry OAM

Dr Croucher is an NBCF funded researcher based at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research whose research focuses on how alterations of signalling networks contribute to disease progression and therapeutic resistance. His breast cancer research aims to block the tumour promoting function of a key signalling protein associated with triple-negative breast cancer.