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March 8, 2021

Supporting Women in Research

This International Women’s Day, NBCF is proud to support projects led by female researchers that are making an impact towards Zero Deaths from breast cancer by 2030. This year, over 50% of NBCF-funded research projects have been led by women. Here are just a few of our inspiring leaders helping to change the future of breast cancer.


NBCF-funded researcher Dr Liz Caldon, Garvan Insititute of Medical Research 

Dr Caldon is at the forefront of game-changing breast cancer research, currently researching treatments for aggressive forms of metastatic breast cancer. Her research will determine whether existing drug treatments could be used to treat CDK4/6 resistant cancer, or whether better alternatives can be identified. These findings will be developed into early phase clinical trial of treatment options for patients with drug-resistant ER+ breast cancer. 

Research has always relied on the power and passion of individuals who make a committed decision to invest in the vision of researchers. The Circle of 10 brings together women who are passionate about the impact of philanthropy and who have a strong vision to invest in world-class breast cancer research. Through the power of collective giving, the Circle of 10 members choose to align with and support specific NBCF-funded researchers and their projects including Dr Liz Caldon.

Dr Liz Caldon, NBCF-funded researcher


NBCF-funded researcher Associate Professor Theresa Hickey, The University of Adelaide 

Associate Professor Hickey is hoping to improve treatment efficacy by selectively targeting features of aggressive cancer cells in breast cancer subtypes such as triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) and endocrine-resistant disease. Currently, these cancers are commonly treated with chemotherapy, which damages both healthy and cancer cells. Her new targeted approach could reduce side effects and provide new treatment options for women with advanced breast cancer. 

NBCF-funded researcher Professor Jane Visvader  

Last year, Professor Visvader was elected as a Fellow of the UK Royal Society, the world’s oldest scientific academy, for her outstanding contribution to breast cancer research. Professor Visvader’s research has revealed the identity of breast cells that can become cancerous and is discovering strategies to treat and prevent breast cancer. Her pre-clinical studies are now progressing to clinical trials for the treatment of advanced breast cancer. 

We can only continue to fund world-class breast cancer research with your support.

Help fund the future for all women this International Women’s Day by donating today.