Identification of new therapeutic targets for metastatic breast cancer

Start Year: 2009
Finish Year: 2013
Chief Investigator: Dr Robin Anderson
Grant Type: Fellowships
Institution: Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Career Fellowship

Alternative Title: New treatments for advanced breast cancer

For the 15-20% of patients, whose breast cancer recurs, spreading to other tissues in the body, there are very few effective treatments. Part of the reason for this is our poor knowledge of the molecular events that control the spread of cancer cells around the body.

Dr Robin Anderson aims to identify the genes that control the spread of breast cancer and to find new drugs to effectively prevent cancer cells from spreading to, or from growing in other sites, such as the brain, bone or lungs.

To achieve this, Dr Robin Anderson has developed and refining a number of different animal models of breast cancer. These will be used to find the genes that control the spread of the cancer cells. These same models can be used to test the effectiveness of new drugs, thus effectively triaging them, before they enter Phase 1 clinical trials.