Nanomedicine for treating breast cancer: improving diagnosis and treatment of triple negative breast cancer

Start Year: 2014
Finish Year: 2015
Chief Investigator: Dr Kristofer Thurecht
Grant Type: Novel Concept Awards
Institution: The University of Queensland

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women and causes a significant number of deaths in Australia. The development of innovative approaches to diagnosing and treating this disease is the key to both improving understanding of the underlying mechanism of the disease, as well as improving outcomes for patients.

Our approach to this problem is to use novel nanomedicine devices, which allow simultaneous imaging, delivery and monitoring of breast cancer, in particular aggressive forms of the disease such as triple negative breast cancer. This will ultimately provide doctors with a way to not only diagnose the tumour and subsequent metastases, but to measure if a treatment is working for a particular patient. This approach to treating tumours is extremely novel and could potentially lead to the first effective targeted therapy for triple negative breast cancer and more aggressive metastatic (advanced) breast cancers.