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About breast cancer

Breast cancer occurs predominantly in females, although in rare instances men can also develop the disease. Breast cancer is a tumour that originates in the cells of the breast. Cancer develops when cells grow abnormally and multiply. These abnormal cells develop into cancerous growths that can, in some cases, spread (metastasise) to other areas of the body. These days breast cancer that is contained within the breast is largely treatable and the survival rate is at an all time high. However, if the tumour spreads to another part of the body, treatments are not generally effective and the survival rate is not good.

Research is the only way to stop women and men dying from the disease. Better understanding of how tumours originate, grow and spread results in better ways to prevent and treat breast cancer.


Breast cancer: what you need to know

From the basic biology of the breast to knowing your risk, and checking for symptoms, it’s important to be informed about breast cancer.

Stages, types and treatment of breast cancer

Breast cancer is not just one disease but a complex collection of many different subtypes of cancers and may be referred to in an often baffling variety of ways. Learn more about breast cancer stages, types and treatments here.

Friends and family support

Breast cancer affects not only women and men with the tumour, but also friends and family who are bought along on the diagnosis, treatment and survivorship journey.