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Lumpectomy: What Is It, Recovery Time & Side Effects

Lumpectomy (breast conserving surgery)

A lumpectomy is surgery to remove the breast cancer and small amounts of breast tissue. This is also known as breast conserving surgery, complete local excision, wide local excision or partial mastectomy. The tumour and some additional non-cancerous tissue surrounding it will be removed to make sure that no traces of the tumour remain in the body.

Some women may also have lymph nodes removed from their underarm. The tumour and lymph nodes will often then be examined closely to determine whether or not further treatment will be required. Most women who receive a lumpectomy are also advised to have radiotherapy.

Ana, Diagnosed 2018

“This photo was taken the night post my lumpectomy. I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of relief that the cancer was finally out. Two weeks later, I received the news that I had a complete pathological response to chemotherapy and immunotherapy. None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for all the research that has gone into this disease.” Ana, diagnosed 2018