Niamh Brady Community Fundraising

July 10th, 2012

If you had some words of advice you’d provide to someone thinking of joining NBCF, what would they be?

I think it depends where they are coming from! Working in the not for profit sector can be a shock to the system for people who come from a commercial background. NBCF aims to pump as much money as possible into research and therefore we don’t have the same level of resources as other companies. However I do think that knowing that you are contributing in some small way to such an amazing goal more than makes up for this!

What do you do and how does it help NBCF?

I work on the community fundraiser team which is one of the three streams of fundraising income within the organisation. As a community fundraising coordinator I have the opportunity to work with all our amazing fundraisers in the community! I provide assistance and support to ensure that all fundraising events are as successful as possible. Since its birth in 1994 community fundraising has always played a immense role within NBCF as it generates large portions of our income which goes into funding our exceptional research projects.

How does working for NBCF differ to other companies you have worked for?

There is a great “can-do” attitude at NBCF. Staff are always open to new ideas and new methods of doing things. There is also a strong level of interaction between all the different departments and staff always take an interest what others are doing and their achievements.

If you had a magic wand, what would you change about NBCF?

NBCF receives numerous applications for grants for research that it can’t always fulfill. It would be amazing if we had the resources to fund all worthy applications that came our way!

Why did you choose to join NBCF?

Having previously worked in the not for profit sector in Ireland I was keen to continue working in this area. NBCF stood out straightaway as it receives no government funding and therefore there is a strong emphasis on the role of the community within the organisation. This appealed to me as I enjoy working with supporters from all walks of life! Another reason why NBCF appealed so much was that I found the organizational goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030 very inspiring. The thought of working somewhere with such a commendable purpose seemed incredibly exciting!

What are some great things about working at NBCF?

Working at an organisation with such a amazing goal is a great feeling and knowing that you are contributing in some way towards achieving this is pretty exceptional! Everyone at NBCF works incredibly hard and is very dedicated! There is a great team spirit and you can always rely on other staff members to help out with volunteering at events! The staff are very encouraging and everyone lends a hand at times like Mother’s Day and October.

If you could provide five separate words to describe NBCF, what would they be?

Worthwhile, inspiring, fun, dedicated, goal focused.

What experience do you have that makes you great for the role?

I previously worked at the Irish Heart Foundation on a community fundraising campaign. While working on a campaign has its own challenges and rewards there are many similarities with my current role. For example working with community supporters, coordinating events, providing assistance to various groups and coordinating collateral. No matter what side of the world you are, working in fundraising generally means that you will have to work to tight deadlines at certain times! My experience at the Irish Heart Foundation definitely helped prepare me for the craziness of October aka breast cancer awareness month!

What’s the best thing about your role? What makes you jump out of bed and get to work?

I think the best thing about my role is the variety. Every day I am supporting and working with people from all types of backgrounds and walks of life. Community fundraisers come in all shapes and sizes and so do their fundraising events! Monday could see me helping to co-ordinate a high profile gala ball and on Tuesday I could helping some-one organise how best to hang bras outside the local police station! I love the fact that I am constantly interacting with people who have a genuine passion in helping to win the fight against breast cancer. A large number of our supporters have a personal connection to the cause and working with them is a great experience.

What’s the most frustrating aspect of your role?

As a not for profit, resources are often scarce. Sometimes this has implications for the level of support we would like to provide to our supporters. We must pick and choose how we use and allocate these resources. However, the majority of our community supporters recognise this and are very understanding of our position.