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Our Research

The National Breast Cancer Foundation has set an aspirational goal of achieving zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030, and we believe that research provides the best hope for a future where more people survive for longer.

NBCF-funded research is helping to better understand how breast cancer originates, grows and spreads, in order to develop tests, treatments and interventions to improve outcomes for people with the disease.

We are committed to funding a broad spectrum of breast cancer research, as well as supporting psychosocial research aimed at improving the quality of life for people after breast cancer treatment, their family and friends. While some research will produce immediate results that can be applied to prevention, treatment and care, most research results will come to fruition in years to come.

Our Research Projects

Research projects funded by the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Research Priorities

Key research priorities of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Research Themes

NBCF funds research into prevention & risk, early detection, advanced breast cancer, young women, survivorship, familial, novel therapies and personalised medicine

Our Researchers

Meet some of our talented researchers who are searching for the answers to breast cancer challenges.

Research Achievements

Each year research we fund makes incremental breakthroughs that will mean a happier, healthier future.

Why donate to research?

NBCF is 100% community-funded and funds research that saves lives. In 20 years the number of women dying from breast cancer has halved.