Functional genomic screen for metastasis suppressor genes controlling breast cancer metastasis to bone and lung

Start Year: 2008
Finish Year: 2010
Chief Investigator: Dr Robin Anderson
Grant Type: Project Grants
Institution: Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Alternative Title: A search for the genes that control the establishment of secondary breast cancers in the lung and bone

When diagnosed early, breast cancer can be treated with a high degree of success. However, if the cancer spreads to other organs such as lungs and bone, the disease more likely leads to death, as well as severe pain and debilitating symptoms.

Therapies for patients with advanced disease are extremely limited. By identifying genes that control this process, Dr Anderson may identify the more susceptible patients earlier and treat them better. Furthermore, once we know which genes are critical to the spread of cancer cells, Dr Anderson may be able to develop therapies that target these genes and prevent the spread of breast cancer.