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Social Media


You will find a full list of NBCF’s Social Media Guidelines below:

Our aim is to foster a nurturing, welcoming and supportive online community where you can interact with others who have been directly or indirectly affected by breast cancer. You can also find out more about NBCF and the research we do support that will help us achieve our aspirational goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by the year 2030.

  1. We don’t want to talk at our community, it gets boring very quickly – we are interested in a dialogue not a monologue. We encourage you share your thoughts, comments, opinions and expertise delivered in a thoughtful, considered and respectful way on topics posted on our page by NBCF and by others.
  2. We invite you to post photos, poems, artwork and other material that is on-topic and relevant to our community. User-generated content posted by our community, researchers, volunteers, outreach speakers, ambassadors, corporate partners and others do not necessarily represent the views of NBCF.
  3. Posts that are overtly promotional in nature, flagged as spam, duplicates of an earlier post or do not add value to our community will be deleted. NBCF will also remove posts soliciting funds directly from community members, comments violating any intellectual property rights or files that contain viruses.
  4. We encourage you to promote community fundraising events registered with NBCF. Posts promoting unregistered events will be removed. If you see a fundraiser promoted on social media that may not fit within our Community Fundraising Guidelines, please send us a personal message and let us know.
  5. Remember everyone is reading what you have written. Our social media space is in the public domain. Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want repeated to your best friend, neighbours or one of your colleagues. For your personal safety, avoid posting your mobile number, email address or other contact details.
  6. Posts using abusive, offensive, vulgar or defamatory language will be removed without notice. Repeat offenders will be banned from our page – permanently. If you feel there is a comment that needs to be moderated, send NBCF a personal message and we’ll respond as soon as possible during business hours.
  7. Cyber bullies and trolls are not welcome in our community. Posts that are deemed by NBCF to be hateful in language targeting race/ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality or political beliefs, inflammatory in nature or personal attacks aimed at particular individuals or groups, will be removed without notice.
  8. Social media is about being transparent so we’ll answer your questions as quickly, accurately and honestly as we can. Sometimes we don’t always have the answers so we may not be able to reply back to you straight away but we will always acknowledge your posts and respond in a timely manner.
  9. When we’re wrong, we’ll stand corrected and put a disclaimer on the page. But when someone in our community has posted misleading or deceptive comments, it’s also our responsibility to correct posts so you are given the right information. But let us know if you believe something we have written is incorrect.
  10. Social media operates 24 hours a day but as a non-profit organisation, we do not have the resources to moderate posts after standard business hours of 9am-5pm or on weekends. Comments and content posted after hours will be responded to as quickly as possible during business hours.