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Joining NBCF

Thinking of joining the National Breast Cancer Foundation? Think you’ll fit with our purpose and be able to contribute to our goal of zero deaths by 2030? Share our values of collaboration, intergrity, passion, direction, accountability and excellence? Great!

At the National Breast Cancer Foundation every job matters; we don’t have massive resources. Therefore, we take the interview process very seriously, because we want to make the right decision. There’s a level of preparation we expect you to undertake!

The whole point of an interview is for the National Breast Cancer Foundation to get a feel for you. We’ve already seen your resume and credentials – we want to see the real you. So here are a few tips to get the best out of your interview with us:

First impressions Count: Part A! As humans, we assess each other in an instant; 7 seconds or less. Make this initial assessment easy and dress neatly and conservatively, so that you make a great first impression.

First impressions Count: Part B! Arriving early is expected. As is smiling and being as relaxed as possible.
Do your homework. Find out about us before you come to the interview. We expect you to have checked out our website, be familiar with the Job Description and have read through our Annual Report.

Be yourself. Speak clearly and enthusiastically about your experiences and skills. Be professional, but let your personality shine through.

Try not to be nervous. Of course being interviewed is a high stakes process! But please don’t overcompensate by being too cocky, putting your feet up on the desk and announcing “call off the search, I’ve arrived”!

Be inquisitive. Have your questions about NBCF and the role prepared in advance and make sure you ask your questions. It demonstrates your interest in the role.

Think ahead. Anticipate the questions you might be asked, for example, if you are applying for a service focused role, think about examples of great service you have provided.

Don’t embellish your achievements, experience and badmouth your past employers. It’s not classy.
At the National Breast Cancer Foundation we engage in a multi point recruitment process, so that our decision making is supported by a range of interactions and activities. You’ll definitely have more than one interview, meet major stakeholders relating to the role and be asked to complete a Work Based Assignment.

Each interaction with the National Breast Cancer Foundation will validate your interest in the role to create a welcoming and engaging process, so that you can also make a smart decision.