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Last year the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) announced its ambitious 10-year countdown to Zero Deaths from breast cancer by 2030. This year alone, it’s estimated that 20,000 Australians will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Without adequate funding, almost 30,000 lives could be lost to breast cancer by 2030.

It is essential to continuously track and report how NBCF is progressing towards our vision of Zero Deaths. And so, we are pleased to release the NBCF Towards Zero Deaths Report Card, constructed from information gathered through a national survey of 64 NBCF-funded researchers.

The Report Card provides a snapshot reflecting on:
1. The detrimental impact of COVID-19 on clinical research and patient outcomes
2. NBCF’s impact on breast cancer outcomes
3. How NBCF is addressing the challenges and opportunities to reach Zero Deaths

We know with the continued support of our community we can move to a world where women expect to live well beyond their diagnosis of breast cancer. Towards the future, we will continue to work collaboratively and demonstrate accountability to realise the importance of essential and efficient research to reach our vision.