A Bar Mitzvah dedicated to breast cancer research

June 25th, 2014

Josh-Brill_Bar-Mitzvah_Story-page-photoAs a coming-of-age milestone in Jewish culture, a Bar Mitzvah is typically followed by showers of gifts, but Joshua Brill chose not to accept them. Instead, he chose to do what other 13-year olds would not even consider and turned those gifts into donations to breast cancer research.

Josh was inspired by older brother Ben who made the same selfless choice after their mum passed away from breast cancer a few years ago.

His invitation proudly noted that in lieu of gifts, he’d love for his nearly 300 guests to donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation as a tribute to mum and other Australians who will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Josh even considered a pink theme for his Bar Mitzvah party, but decided it would be too much trouble to ask all his guests to dress accordingly.

“I want to help all the other people who are going through the same issue as my mum did, it’s quite a big problem,” says Josh.

The donations poured in as family and friends RSVP’d to the occasion with their heartfelt phone calls and letters, reaching a total of $4,683!

Josh and his father posted every last cent to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

With all the preparations and excitement of his Bar Mitzvah just recently behind him, Josh isn’t stopping there.

“I’m thinking about doing this all over again… for my 21st birthday!” Josh exclaims.

While he waits for his 21st to roll around, Josh seems happy to spend the next few years getting through his teens.