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Trek Towards A Cure – Peru 2015 by Angela Cartwright

November 30th, 2015

One of our incredible Peru trekkers Angela Cartwright wrote a poem, which reflects on her amazing journey with 12 other passionate women to the beautiful Lost City of Machu Picchu, all in the name of breast cancer research.

Our amazing team has now raised more than $70,000 for since their trek. If you want to take on your own challenge while supporting our goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030, head to bit.ly/1QOcGGe



by Angela Cartwright

NBCF wants to find a cure,
For Breast cancer and its effects impure,
A trek to Peru to raise some much needed dough,
So all of us here – decided to go.

We came from all around Oz,
Some for a reason, some just because,
We began our trip in ol’ Sydney Town,
Some travelled up, some travelled down!
Some arrived with time to spare,
Others scraped in by the width of a hair,
14 souls all eager and keen,
On an adventure of a lifetime, living the dream!

So across the Pacific we started to fly,
13 long hours high in the sky,
We met those around us and started to share,
Our lives, our stories and why we were there,
We finally landed in Santiago, Chile,
Where Pisco Sours were the drink of the day!

Back on a plane and away we flew,
To Lima City, in the country Peru,
Where Miguel took us into his care,
To a quaint little villa for us to all share,
We met our new roomies and dined on the best,
And snuggled up in bed for a much needed rest!

The next morning we waved Lima goodbye,
As over the Andes we passed on high,
To Beautiful Cusco, our new home base,
As the altitude made our pulses race,
The view from the plane was breathtaking,
Literally, as the altitude kicked in!

Here we met our fearless leader Jose,
Who told use to Vamoose and got us on our way,
Into the Chaos and colour of Cusco Town,
Where cobblestone streets led us up and down,
We dropped all our gear at our new hotel retreat,
And went in search of something good to eat!
At a little cantina, we enjoyed the view,
As a local band, played the sounds of Peru.

After our feed, we took to the hills,
Where we huffed and puffed and took our Diamox pills,
That night we recovered with another great meal,
While local dancers moved with energy and zeal!
The next day we ventured to the Ruins of Pisaq,
A warm up for what lay further down the track,
The views of the valley were beautiful and serene,
Then onto Sacsayhauman, well we know what they mean!

The next day began our 4 day hike,
Energies were high, and eyes were still bright,
Unfortunately, one of our team could not go,
So we had to leave Chloe back in Cusco,
We soon were acquainted with our friend ‘George’
The more we drank, the more our friendship was forged!

When we arrived at camp the first night,
We met the ‘Rocket’ and how to use it right,
As the cold air settled in, along with the dew,
The local ladies made a killing from our freezing crew!

We settled in our tents, the mountains high overhead,
We dreamed about the next day with anxiety and dread.
The next morning, the altitude had got to a few,
Jo, Annalisa and Sam could not continue,
We headed straight up the rocky peak,
The track was slippery, narrow and steep,
When the rain started our patience was tested,
But we strong women knew we wouldn’t be bested,
We scaled that mountain and continued beyond,
The hot springs at Lares were spurring us on.

We met up with the girls, and rode the bus to the springs,
The world’s deadliest roads were just part of the strings,
The hot soothing waters were such a treat,
And the outdoors showers were less than discrete!

All the team was back for trekking day 3,
A long day with the wind and weather rainy,
We climbed to the highest point in our trek,
Emotions were raw, and we were cold and wet,
We trudged through the mud, and the rain and the poo,
As we took in the sights and the amazing view!

Poor Lou had succumbed to the Altitude hit,
And on the back of the mule, she needed to sit,
Her ride wasn’t smooth, but was taken with care,
After it she needed new underwear!

Our final night of camping was a spectacular pocket,
You had to be agile to get to the rocket!
Final day was a downhill run,
Back to civilization, shower-land and fun!

We boarded the train after a medicinal brew,
And headed on down to Machu Picchu!
Finally here, our long awaited day,
We dressed up in Pink and headed on our way,
Chloe had joined us, and our team was complete,
The fog didn’t deter our positive upbeat,
Machu Picchu was a sight to behold,
The fog cleared and the sun warmed the cold.

We made it! Our journey was a success,
We somehow managed to not be a blubbering mess!
A few brave souls, took on Huanna Picchu,
The best birthday gift for our girl Sue!

We saw Chinchillas, Llamas, alpacas and bugs,
We shared lots of jokes, stories and hugs,
We butchered a language with our Aussie insight,
We ate lots of great food till our pants were too tight!
We lost our things; fell down a few times,
We haggled, giggled and made some fashion crimes!
We exchanged lucky Llamas and wore bright orange capes,
We suffered some sunburn, mozzie bites and scrapes,
But we survived and our achievement is great.

We should be proud of ourselves, and our little friend Kate!
For when we were exhausted, smelly and dirty,
We were helping to have zero deaths by 2030,
14 souls now connected for life,
Our healing was deeper than any surgeon’s knife,

So my parting words to you all before I pass,
Buenos Aires senoritas and Grassy Arse!!