Knight Frank COO Justin Jefferies Gets to Climb for Life-Changing Breast Cancer Research

April 27th, 2017

Bridge to 2030: Helping the National Breast Cancer Foundation bridge the gap in breast cancer research funding

27 April, 2017: Justin Jefferies, Australian COO of global real estate company Knight Frank, will lead the company’s team as they climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge for breast cancer research for the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) on 18 May.

The Bridge to 2030 event will give NBCF fundraisers and supporters the experience of a lifetime: a spectacular climb of Australia’s most iconic bridge to help ‘bridge the gap’ between funding and research. This will enable NBCF to fund more breast cancer research projects to speed up the next breakthrough that will benefit the 15,934 women diagnosed each year[i] and move closer towards the goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

Mr Jefferies experienced the impact of breast cancer first-hand after his wife Catherine was diagnosed in 2011.

“I have three young sons who were seven, five and three so they were too young to understand what was going on,” said Mr Jefferies. “I had no idea how to help my wife and no experience caring for someone with breast cancer so relied on friends and family for help.”

Following a long course of treatment that involved chemotherapy, radiation and a mastectomy, Catherine has been cancer-free for five years now.

“Catherine’s treatments lasted one year, and she powered through. Our kids were largely unaffected and we became closer as a family,” Mr Jefferies continued. “The whole experience also made me want to help others going through the same thing and share my story.”

Mr Jefferies got behind NBCF’s Bridge to 2030 event to help progress much-needed breast cancer research that will benefit those affected by breast cancer like Catherine.

“Supporting the community and employee engagement is also very important to Knight Frank, so combining the two is a fun way to do something for others,” he continued.

“I hope that Bridge to 2030 generates more awareness and funding for breast cancer research to help save lives.”

NBCF Chief Executive Officer, Professor Sarah Hosking, thanked Mr Jefferies and the Knight Frank team for supporting the event. Professor Hosking encouraged other corporates and community members to get onboard and rally up their teams for Bridge to 2030.

“Research is the only way to prevent deaths from breast cancer and ensure that both women and men with the disease will live longer and better lives. We have come a long way but there is still much to be done to achieve our goal of zero deaths by 2030,” said Professor Hosking.

As NBCF is 100% community funded, donations, support and fundraising initiatives like Bridge to 2030 are essential to drive the new ideas and innovations needed in breast cancer research while also enabling our researchers to continue their important work,” she continued.

Bridge to 2030, held at BridgeClimb in Sydney, will see passionate breast cancer supporters grouped into teams of 10, with each team member raising a minimum of $1,000. Collectively, this will help to keep Australian breast cancer researchers on the road to discovery and stop deaths from breast cancer.

WHAT: Bridge to 2030: Climb for breast cancer research
WHAT: 18 May, climbs commence from 8:30am (each climb will take approximately 2.5 hours)
HOW DOES IT WORK: Form a team of 10 (fundraising $1000 each) to achieve a min. total of $10,000 per team
WHERE: BridgeClimb: 3 Cumberland St, The Rocks
GET INVOLVED: Register Now on our website

For further information or to arrange a media interview, please contact Sophie Cooley, Senior Marketing Manager at the National Breast Cancer Foundation on 02 8098 4800/0417 421 683 or

You can download a copy of this media release here.



[i] Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2016. Australian Cancer Incidence and Mortality (ACIM) books: breast cancer. Canberra: AIHW. [Accessed January 2016].