Real Men Wear Pink 2017: Aussie Blokes Encouraged to Get Pinked for Breast Cancer Research

April 3rd, 2017


In support of men and women affected by breast cancer, the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) are encouraging men to Get Pinked this Men’s Health Week (June 12-18) and raise funds for life-changing breast cancer research.

The campaign, called Real Men Wear Pink, will help NBCF fund breast cancer research that aims to prevent breast cancer in future. Real Men Wear Pink also highlights that breast cancer isn’t a women’s-only cancer – men can be diagnosed too, in fact one in 715 men can develop breast cancer.1

Breast cancer is the most common cancer facing Australian women. Close to 66,000 people are living with the effects of a breast cancer diagnosis.2 Many of these women are central figures in their families and a breast cancer diagnosis has a huge impact on their loved ones as well.

Louis Proctor got involved with Real Men Wear Pink after his wife Samantha was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 42.

“The first few weeks after Samantha’s diagnosis were a real whirlwind of emotion for our small family and there was also so much information to absorb,” said Mr Proctor.

“We had to sit down with our nine-year-old son and break the news to him. Naturally, the first question that he asked was if his Mum was going to die. Because of the research that’s been conducted we could confidently say no,” he continued.

“By getting pinked and making a stand, we are showing other men that they’re not alone and supporting the women we love.”

With 17,586 women diagnosed and 3087 dying each year3, there are too many families devastated by breast cancer.

Mark Wood knows all too well the impact breast cancer can have on men. At the age of 50, Mark’s wife and mother of their daughter lost her battle with breast cancer. “Our daughter was only 12 when Anni passed. Anniversary days, Anni’s birthday date and other special days for the family continue to be difficult,” said Mr Wood.

“I know a world without breast cancer can be achieved. Anni once said that the only thing standing between breast cancer and a cure is funding dollars, and I absolutely believe she is right. I really don’t want anyone going through the journey that my daughter and I are still on,” continued Mr Wood.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation invests in research that will help to stop deaths from breast cancer, including ways to identify and prevent those at high risk from developing the disease. NBCF has awarded Professor Ian Campbell from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre a pilot study grant to find the missing genes linked to familial breast cancer.

“Early detection of cancer means that treatment is far more successful and potentially less aggressive. Finding out why some women have a higher genetic risk of developing cancer means we can help them reduce that risk and in most cases prevent the cancer from ever occurring,” said Professor Campbell.

“This kind of research is possible with the support of the community through fundraising initiatives like Real Men Wear Pink. Without exception, scientists and doctors are dedicated to making a real difference to the lives of those affected by breast cancer, but this is not possible without funding like that from NBCF,” he said.

NBCF is the only national body that funds life-changing breast cancer research with money raised entirely by the Australian public. By encouraging men to register, Get Pinked and fundraise, NBCF hopes to harness the powerful data from genetic testing, so that all women and men with a high risk of inheriting breast cancer have information and choices that could prevent them being affected.

“We know that too many families are devastated by breast cancer. By getting involved in Real Men Wear Pink for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, you are ensuring that we can continue to fund the very best cancer research in Australia and work towards our goal of zero deaths by 2030,” said Professor Sarah Hosking, CEO of NBCF.

So get the lads together to Raise $$$ I Get Pinked I Save Lives and register to fundraise via:

For further information or to arrange a media interview, please contact Sophie Cooley, Senior Marketing Manager at the National Breast Cancer Foundation on 02 8098 4800/0417 421 683 or

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