Your support makes a real difference: Flicking the switch between life and death

July 27th, 2015

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Dr Samantha Oakes was first awarded an NBCF grant in 2008. Her research is helping to discover why and how breast cancer cells avoid death and keep growing.

As Sam explains, breast cancer, like all cancers, is made up of many diseases. Breast cancer cells, like other cancer cells, learn new ways of surviving. Sam’s work has led her to understand how cells metastasise and spread to the rest of the body – which is where she can help make a difference to the treatment of people with breast cancer.

Sam talks about one of her biggest breakthroughs, identifying that a treatment for blood cancers (leukaemia and lymphoma) can also be used for people with breast cancer, sensitising them to chemotherapy they might not normally respond to, and therefore creating new treatment options.

Sam explains that without NBCF funding, her work could not be done. “National Breast Cancer Foundation provides not only important funding for project grants, but also provides funding for innovative research, that might change the course of treatment for people with breast cancer. And importantly, they fund early career researchers, like me, to start their independent research career – to be able to make a real difference in the treatment of people with breast cancer.”